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Small Business Managementցll in the Family and Beyond (Part 1)

Ronald Norelli, Northeastern alumnus, and president and CEO of Norelli & Company; and Kimberly Eddleston, associate editor of The Journal of Family Business Strategy and associate professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, discuss…

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How to Analyze Site Visitor Engagement With Google Analytics Reports

Wondering if the people you send to your website find what they’re seeking? Want insights to improve the customer journey? In this article, you’ll discover how to analyze your website visitor engagement in Google Analytics. You’ll also learn how to see which audience segments spend more time on your…

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Burnout in Crisis Times

Perfection takes a toll so it’s not surprising that burnout is a common challenge. This challenge is emotional and so the response has to speak to emotions.

The post Burnout in Crisis Times appeared first on Home Living Aid.…

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Southwest Airlines Had a Winning Strategy for Decades. Is It Now Trying the Opposite?

Using Data to Better Understand Consumer Behavior And Turn Insight Into Action With Jonathan Silver From Affinity Solutions [AMP 211]

Consumer behavior is always changing. Even with COVID-19 affecting people’s lives and how businesses operate, it will never be the same. How can businesses better serve customers by staying ahead of changes and trends? Data. Today’s guest is Jonathan Silver from Affinity Solutions, a data intellige…

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Led by former DoD digital chief and backed by ex-Google CEO, Rebellion Defense opens Seattle hub

Matt Shobe. (Rebellion Defense Photos) Seattle is not exactly known as a hotspot for national security software startups. But Matt Shobe hopes to carry forward the region’s history of defense-related work with Rebellion Defense, a year-old Washington D.C.-based startup that recently opened …

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Mark Cuban on American 2.0 and the Responsibilities of Leadership

The entrepreneur and ‘Shark Tank’ star promises that no subject will be off-limits in his October 23 session at the 2020 Inc. 5000 Vision conference. …

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Benchmarking & Performance Management for Small Business

If you are a small business trying to figure out how to motivate your employees or figure out if your business is on track, you need performance measures. Performance measures are a great way to ensure that every single day you are doing things to help your business today and tomorrow. Even better i…

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How to effectively incorporate international trade into small businesses ֠Canadian Business

Looking to expand your business beyond Canadian borders? Here are three good reasons to look beyond the U.S. Read the full article at: COO

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Melting HR bureaucracy

German version here. We talk a lot about making HR processes more engagin…..

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